About Us

We are a group of professional canine trainers who have a vast amount of training and experience in dealing with some of the most driven, focused and formidable dogs.  We have developed training tactics that allow for the most pristine and clear communications between human and canine, fostering a more amicable and benevolent problem-free relationship.  

Jerry Walbey is a Police Canine Trainer and has been working with Police Dogs since 1989.  He is also an active Certifier / Evaluator for Law Enforcement Canines in the State of Idaho.  In addition to Law Enforcement Dogs, Jerry has worked and trained with many Sport Dogs and their handlers.  Jerry has been actively working with private clients and their dogs for obedience and problem behaviors for over 25 years.  He has successfully worked with many referrals from other trainers relating to problematic and undesirable behaviors.  He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training and behavior modification with dogs.  

Cris Anjelkovich began working as a Law Enforcement Canine handler and trainer in 1997.  In addition to working with Law Enforcement Canines Cris has actively competed in Agility competitions for over 10 years.  In that 10 years she has personally handled 3 different dogs in the Agility ring.  She has a very solid knowledge of both handler and dog imprinting in Agility from beginner to expert competition levels.

Martha Walbey started as a Law Enforcement Canine Decoy/ Assistant in 1994.  She has been active in working and training with Law Enforcement Canines since that time in both the Patrol and Detection realms.  She also has spent a large amount of time working and conducting obedience training for private clients throughout the years.

Train hard, play hard, be successful


Our philosophy is simple – RESULTS!  We have always been committed to the most efficient and effective communications between canine and humans.  In almost every case our clients see results very quickly, regardless of the imprinting being done.   We are committed to our clients and their satisfaction when it comes to living and working with their canine companions.  We have many years of experience and training to apply to even the most challenging situations. 


Where we train

We currently do training in Boise and Eagle and occasionally use other facilities. We can also conduct training at your home or other location.  

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We are devoted to delivering best and appropriate solutions.

Cris Anjelkovich

Founder of Action K9 Agility trainer

Jerry Walbey

Founder of Northwest K9 Certified Dog Trainer