Have you thought about getting your dog into a fun sport?  Do you have a dog with a lot of energy and are looking for something to focus that energy?  Training your dog in agility may be for you!

Foundation Classes

If you have a young dog or if you are just getting into agility training, the foundation classes  are where you begin.  The classes will teach you  foundational skills needed to get started in agility.  The classes focus on  obedience and dog to handler focus skills.   

Intermediate Agility Classes

This training is for those who have gone through foundation agility training.  Your dog should be able to follow basic obedience commands and follow direction.  These classes will work with obstacles and jumping skills.  You will progress with sequencing obstacles together.  You will learn a variety of handling skills to begin competition.

Competition Agility

These classes will enhance your handling skills and challenge you and your dog.  

Cris has been competing in NADAC, USDAA, and AKC in the Master levels and has the knowledge to assist you in progressing  your skills.

I occasionally have these classes for small groups.  Contact me for informaition